Modern British Cuisıne

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Modern British Dishes

When the government first stepped in to change the diet of the British people in 1940, the National Food Survey was the most important research tool for them. The aim was to find out what people were eating and how much they were spending on food. The findings provided a unique perspective on the changing nature of British cuisine, and it led to the development of new recipes and cuisines that we know today. But how has the quality and taste of our food changed over the years?

How British Food Has Changed Over the Years

Britain’s cuisine has remained multicultural and eclectic throughout the centuries. Ancient cuisine derived from Mediterranean cuisine and was influenced by Roman and French cuisine, while the Frankish Normans brought spices from the east. Even during wartime, sugar was rare and rationed, with only two ounces of cheese being available every week. Thankfully, the introduction of fruit juices and rice helped to bring the popularity of foreign-style foods to Britain.

During the twentieth century, the British Empire brought new tastes and cultures to the country, allowing British people to try a wide variety of foods from around the world. The British have embraced these cuisines and today can sample food from all over the world. For instance, Curry is considered a classic British dish, though it bears little resemblance to the curries found in India. However, it is still the most popular dish in the country and is a must-try.

Brits love fried fish and chips

The British have embraced the world’s culinary influences and incorporated them into the country’s cuisine. Many of them have been brought to Britain by the Romans and were subsequently adapted to the tastes of the British people. In addition, the British have adapted some of their own unique recipes to suit their palates, such as “Kedgeree”, which is an adaptation of the Indian dish Khichri.

In the nineteenth century, fish’n’chips were the staple diet of the working class. The popularity of this dish led to a number of critics who criticized it for its nutritional value and its monotony. The enlightened social and medical appraisal of the food during this period supported the inclusion of fish’n’chips. Nowadays, fish and chips are only one of the many popular dishes that are prepared in the UK.

Historically, the British were renowned for their love of fish’n’chips. The French king, Jacques Chirac, famously put down the British in 2005, and it is not surprising that the French president was not impressed. Since then, the British have made significant improvements in their cooking, and the nation is now proud of the diversity and quality of its dishes. Despite the negative press, Britain’s cuisine has evolved over the last two decades into a healthy, delicious and varied menu.

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